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With the development of communication technology day by day, the exchange of information between people around the world is expanding widely in various capacities. Also, we hear from time to time that various crises occur due to the transfer of false information through the exchange of information.

As an Asian country, unusuma.lk news website was launched in 2021 with the aim of stopping false propaganda or reducing the social impact of it for Sri Lankan people. The unusuma.lk media website, which was started with the intention of preventing the flow of false information in the society for various political or financial gains and to confirm the right of all Sri Lankans to know information, became popular among many people in a very short time, as we did not even expect.

After accepting this great responsibility, we have been trying to publish all the local events and daily special events and news as soon as possible.

?️️ Why are we…
Indeed, there are many media outlets and websites in Sri Lanka. But some organizations do not tell people what they need to know, they only publish information that is beneficial to them. Due to this, sometimes the supremacy of truth breaks in the society.

But in Sri Lanka there are also media organizations and websites that fulfill their duty well. We salute them. We will respect Let’s shake hands together. And for that social responsibility, our aim is to stand up for the right of the people to know information by facing all the attention.

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